The Position Editor


This is kinda tricky to me.

In the position editor we have 2 colums below the master volume showing something more or less like this:

02|02 *its highlighted because I have a question about this

As I understood the first column is the pattern number (this one will always be in numerical order), and the second column is the actual musical sequences (not necessarily in numerical order), where you have, in this example, 4 different sequences playing (00, 01, 02, 03 and 04) and the sequence 02 is being repeated 3 time (*highlighted).

Isn’t that right?

But what if (in the example above) I wanted to make a change in the sequence 02, in the column 2? If I make that change in the one of the 02 sequences, all the 02 sequences will be changed. Isn’t it so? But I don’t want that to happen.

How can I bypass that?

Basically what I’m trying to do is a music that has repeated elements but varies subtly at each pattern, making them different.

I hope u understood my question and what I tried to explain.


“Clone pattern” (Ctrl+F11) should help you for now.
And 1.5 will have an improved sequencer that’s a bit
more powerfull and easy to use…

the position editor need improvements really … but at the moment every pattern have exclusive pattern data … it’s not possible to change the same pattern on another position a little bit … you can only copy the pattern and change your music in the new identical (coz copied) pattern …
a solution for changing the sound of tracks or the whole pattern are maybe renoise-dspfx or vst-fx with random features while playing or other time-dependent fx.

With some keyboard shortcuts this is quick now too… Learn these for starters:

ctrl+arrows left/right: change the pattern on the playing position up/down
ctrl+arrows up/down: go up or down in the sequence
ctrl+F3: cut current pattern
ctrl+F4: copy current pattern
ctrl+F5: paste pattern

And add:
ctrl+insert - repeat the current pattern
ctrl+delete - delete the current pattern
ctrl+pageup/down/home/end - move faster in the sequencer list
and you’ve got the basics covered. There’s also shortcuts for
cloning sequences of more than one pattern, look in the keyboard
config tab under “Sequencer”.

No it won’t. At least not if you use the “pattern copy/paste” commands
(ctrl+f4/f5), and not the block copy (ctrl+C/V) which copies the selection.

That will do! Thx m8!

And if martinal told us that the position editor is being improved for version 1.5, then cheers to that!!! ^_^

Yes it does. I tested this here in 1.26, so this is not a new thing in the internal
builds. I resizes just fine. Unless this is a bug in 1.28(1)? I didn’t have that
version here ready for testing.

edit: bantai gave amuch better reply

Then we agree.

The rest of the story is not about bugs, but chosen behaviour
(which of course could be a matter of discussion in itself).

“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!” :P