The Problem Of A Long Sample

Ok. Here my really second suggestion, cause I noticed Renoise and its community is up to date and very fast by creating ideas (my posts has get links to other threats). The new version is the reason why I change to Renoise. It is the best tracker ever :yeah:, and the price is absolutely fair. I worked a few hours with the demo version, and I think it is well coded, thought-out and well structured and not to forget, it has many many innovations and is on the best way to become that tracker, who raises the bar to a professional level. To see a mixer and the great automation function had make me very happy. I get tears in my eyes, if I tell you what I still have found.

So here the suggestion.
Momentary a sample will be played, when the players position is at that position the note is setted. If a sample is played very long, you have the problem, you have to hear a lot , before you reach the position, which you really want to check or play. That is very annoying, if you make melodies.

I really don’t know, how hard to code this is. I hope it is easy. If this would be possible, this tracker will be my woman.

Hi vereiser

This is likely to be implemented into renoise in the future. In the mean time energyXT plugin can be used to play your long wavs in. It may not be suitable if making melodies from your long wavs but if it is a vocal sample or long beat wav it should help.

You need to set XT`s sequencer to sync mode external and then load your long wav within that.

You can get the demo of XT to try this out here:

It is about $55 to buy


Can anyone suggest an OS X equivalent to this?

I could definitely see myself using it.

I agree this would make renoise superior in almost every way then other music programs I used!

i have done this by midi syncing renoise and ableton across the IAC bus. ableton will automatically cue ahead to the corresponding song offset in renoise. i played with it for a week. then got tired of using 2 programs at once but, it does work.