The Prodigy Stated They Want Renoise On Stage

Happy April fools you all

whehehe dude!!!

I knew it was april fools by the title, but the picture is still funnay!

got me :lol:
however - he should definitely make the switch :yeah:

never intended to make people belief in it, just for good fun
I made the pic a couple of weeks ago, and thought it could get some laughs.

here is a 2nd april mix to take it down :)
I love all Renoisers I always will, take your tracks more serious than this :)

I think they need more stage monitors and side fill…

Doesn’t look too extortionate to me, pretty much normal for a band, seen far more excessive!

Teisto using dv dosc with 4 v dosc on top, each side of him for DJ monitors is a little over the top though!

Know I have seen a better picture but just spent about 20mins trying to find it to no avail.
EDIT another pic, still not the one I thought I remembered but better than above.

At least Prodigy are using point source (normal) cabinets and not line array at stupidly close distance! Though things are designed for filling stadiums (although obviously with more of them.)

I always hated LA-Style and their James Brown is Dead crap…
Please don’t ever go that uncreative road anymore…

Well, it’s the first track that brought house to the USA, and it’s Dutch!
But don’t worry, it’s just a one time experiment to recreate some old skool rave sounds.

Haha, you should hear the entire album!

well a little late, but I did now! some guy I randomly came across began to talk about LA style.
I only knew the track balloony or something and hated it but after hearing the entire album ik have troubles making music.
it’s so bad…like the powerglove.

Sfar as I know Liam uses Reason, at least that’s what he used to write ‘Always Outnumbered…’
Or did he switch to abelton?

With all the latest gigs I always spot Ableton Live.
But you’re indeed right he used/uses Reason.
The 2 Laptops in front have Abelton Live Running.
The laptop he is standing by in the picture I’m not sure.
could be Reason, syched up.

He never used Reason on stage. He used Reason as a sketchpad to write his songs for Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned.

Not entirely true…

“For the National Bowl show, the band have beefed up their usual stage set with a few flying ambulances, but the focus is still Prodigy mainman Liam Howlett’s keyboard setup. Details are shrouded in secrecy, but it is based around Apple MacBook Pro laptops running Ableton Live and Propellerhead Reason. These are joined by an assortment of keyboards, which changes according to Howlett’s whim. “The keyboards come and go. He’ll have a couple of boutique keyboards that he loses interest in and changes for something else, and there’s other ones that he knows he’s always going to want. And then there’s the adapted Space Invaders machine”