The Prodigy - Your Love Remake In Renoise

Another attempt at a Prodigy Remake. This is the Your Love Remix version from the Experience album. The following samples have been sourced and sampled from the original songs then edited, pitched, EQ’d etc.

Woo Hoo, Circuit - Shelter Me (Acapella)
Our Crew, Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam - Made In Two Minutes
You Never Never, Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam – Beware Of The Bassline
Main Break, Trigger - Wisdom Q Mix
Wind It Up, Just-Ice - Latoya
Lead Stab, Spectrum - Brazil
9 Times Speed Of Sound, Kate Bush - Hello Earth
Your Love, The Prodigy (I could not find the original anywhere!)
Piano, Korg M1 vsti

All other samples etc from my library.

Any positive comments greatly appreciated!

Hey good job, it sounds nearly the same :

note : I’ve played several mixes of “your love”, from the original mix to live versions, it seems that some parts are different between mixes, what version did you exactly took as a reference ?

Loved it! So many memories, one of my favorite albums.

some criticism: think this track could benefit from a more in your face fat beat. The snare is really soft, but yeah, is a matter of taste maybe.

Very nice!

kewl! o0 r-r-r-replay

NICE! One of my favourite prodigy tunes…
How about sharing the XRNS? would be fun to check it out B)

Hi. Glad you like it. This is the Remix version from The Experience Album I have remade. See below. Thanks again.

Hi. Thanks for your comment. I agree the snare is a little ‘soft’. To be honest I spent ages mixing this break and could not get it any punchier. I added a stick sample over the beat aswell to try to give it a little more. Also I am not exactly sure if this was the break Liam used either. He really disguised his breaks well. Thanks again.

You did a great job on recreating the notes and the chords and you deserve kudos for hunting down all the samples. IMO the mixing isn’t quite there yet. Some of the vocal samples seem a bit too loud and the beat too quiet. But all in all a great job, really.

Hijacking the thread with this, a mash-up/remix I did several years ago on Skale Tracker (I think) of two Prodigy tracks: Your Love and One Love.
It is not something I normally would have made public but I thought it might be relevant here :)