The 'q' Key Is Middle C?


Isn’t the Q key on the computer keyboard supposed to be middle C? That is: if I import a sample and play it with Q it should have the original pitch right? (It was like that on IT)

Because right now when I press Q is one octave higher, so I have to change the root note to C-5 - aka not so good.

Use the * and / buttons on your number-pad to change the keyboard playing octave to where you are comfortable with. This I think will be quicker for you.

Yeah, that would be easier… IF I HAD a numpad. But I’m on a laptop.

In that case you can re-assign these shortcuts, an explanation is here (3rd screenshot down):

Ok, I reassigned the keys for changing octaves and I’m quite happy now.

But, still… wouldn’t it be more right to have the original note on the key Q?
That way you could change the pitch both up AND down… does make sense right?

(Or am I missing something and is this already possible in some preferences?)

You can change the note both up and down by changing the root key as before.


Z is the first C on your keyboard
, is one octave up (as is Q)
I is the next C on the keyboard

You can not yet assign the default octave so renoise remembers between sessions but it is a feature I have requested before.

i didnt realize that the octave settings were not saved in the rns.
would be nice to be able to have a template load with everything_exactly_how it was when you saved it.

Just curious: Was this setting the same for FT or some other tracker?

I know it’s just a hit of a button away to lower the octave, but still…