The Quietest Room

I recently got across this article:
And I immediately started to imagine how mixing in this room should sound like. Or even just listening to music. This must be insane. Hearing the “true” sound of everything!!
What’s your opinion? I hope I someday get inside this with my monitors for test :D

But then you’ll go insane.

Actually… I am not sure if you go insane in the quiet room, if you bring music/sound with you… It kinda defeats the whole, “quiet power,” or whatever the room has…

Give me some good level of booze and you can stuff me into any kind of hellhole for as long as the alcohol works :P

That is really interesting. Our brains must be wired to work on some base level of stimulus.
I know that people have experimented with isolation tanks (a tank you float in) to induce sensory deprivation. I remember this scene in the movie altered states: