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Hi Renoisers!

This one here is quite an average track. I originally made it for a

painter(artist) I know, with lyrics inside.

The lyrycs themselves contained lots of personal things and

and besides this, the sung part was a complete fail.

So here I go instrumental again…

Enjoy listening…



I really like the lush synths & pads on this track, but the “rock” elements lack a little behind imo. The rhythm guitars could be larger and wider. Beats are ok, but they feel too programmed, and I don’t like the reverb on them. Bass sounds all right. Also the progression of the track feels a bit slow, I mean different things happen, but the overall energy of the track barely changes. Other than that nice work.

Well done, I see you used old style synths which serves a good purpose in the song and gives me nostalgic feelings. The song feels somehow too long for this genre, maybe it is because it is just an instrumental version. Try to shorten this version. It loses energy after few minutes. Good work!
With Regards BrainClaim

Hi emre_k, BrainClaim,

thx, yes, I know, it’s bit long. Originally there were lyrics…

emre_k, it took quite a while, 'til I knew, what to to with these drums.

I wanted to place them “in space”, so they would fit to the other


What exactly would you do with the drums concerning reverb ?

Thx for replying!



I listened to it again on a better headphone and I think it’s more about the boxy character of the kit instead of the reverb itself. The snare packs some nice punch but it sounds like it may have a bit too much lower-mids so I’d try to dip some frequencies there without killing the fundamental. Also the cymbals are barely audible and that contributes to that boxy sound imo, so you could try turning them up a bit.

Ironically I always turn up lower mids for the snare, just to get them “punch” -> but good to know

that it’s NOT the better choice by nature…

And with the cymbals stuff I’m always scared of too much of a “biting” sound, maybe I need some

more courage ;).

Thanks very much for answering and re-hearing, emre_k !