The Redesigned "Mute" / "Off" Crosses In The Track Sco

just a little comment on those new track scope crosses / X’s.
may be just my personal taste - but i really miss the old ones. They were more solid, better-looking and easier on the eye & brain

is there a thought-through reason for this change?
is it only me who is picky about these? :rolleyes:

Design has been done to make it readable on all sorts of displays. That is a bit of a compromise yeah, but it is not forbidden to copy /paste the old images from the 2.6.1 setup (they are just images).

hm, i’ve been looking around in the icons folder now, but. can’t find that particular bitmap. Seems there have been made changes, because i can find it in my 2.6.1 icons folder. Is it drawn dynamically now perhaps? would love to be able to replace it.

The change in the design makes it possible to display both the mute state (OFF/MUTE) and the matrix mute state (X) at the same time.
Before, you had no way of knowing which mode was active when you had muted a track…

aha, I see. Well, that’s a good thing definitely.
Still, is there any chance of getting the big X’s a bit more solid, and not dashed? They seem a bit weak to me. But, yikes, no big deal :)