The Renoise Albino 2 Deal


You ReNoise guys ought to work out some sort of coupon thing deal for those who purchase ReNoise. I have been having a problem reactivating my copy of Albino 2, but i finally got it working, and the Albino 2 sounds like it was designed with ReNoise in mind. I am blown away by how it sounds in Renoise.

I think that if you could work out a coupon thing with some companies like LinPlug - Register ReNoise and save $20 or $40 on a copy of Albino - it may be a sales whirlwind. The tracker format simply brings something out of certain synths that cannot be heard in your typical modern horizontal piano roll sequencer.

If you don’t own Albino, download a demo and punch 64 notes into a 64 note pattern (in ReNoise), and prepare to be blown away. :w00t: Just a suggestion.


Heh you have also found the Albino 2 :D I love that too. Like a world in
it self. That and rgcaudios z3ta+ are the two synths I feel I can just
feed crapnotes to, and they forgive me, kiss me on the forehead and
churn out the most loveliest harmonies, despite my best efforts :D

About that comarketing thing there, I dont know how that works really,
but as Renoise gets fame, more of these professional people are likely to
try Renoise out, and thus be more willing to strike such deals.

But of some reason, Renoise isnt not well known at all at this point. I
came across the webpage when searching for free VSTi plugins.
But I think that this is something the Renoise community can really help
with, to get the word out. On musicians forums, word of mouth, and such.

Albino surely sounds great!
I would love such deal! :yeah:

i would like it too but first the weird (syncing) behaviour has to be fixed.