The Renoise Developers

i have to confess that i know very little of the developers… in fact, i feel that i know almost nothing at all

and that sucks, because i need to have idols, and i need to have a poster at my wall

ok, maybe not a poster but at least it would be nice to know a little bit more about the nature of the renoise project as such

i mean, it’s commercial, but how is it developed? is it a spare time project, something like: taktik finds 18 minutes on a sunday evening and dives into c++ coding rather than wash feet? dblue eats a pizza with sharevari at Alexanderplatz and discusses how to integrate some of glitch’s features in renoise?

[b]i’m not after details about the developers private life or their favorite colors, etc… just stuff that relates to the renoise project as such… after so many years of development there surely has to be some interviews where the devs tell us about their vision with the software? maybe even a documentary movie in the pipes?

[/b]at least i’ve noticed that taktik, sharevari and dblue are all located in Berlin, but i have no clue if they’re selling hot dogs in the day and coding renoise occasionally, or if there is some sort of renoise “office” (yeah i understand that renoise has only a few thousand users and that i can’t call a cute blonde who answers the phone with “Renoise office, how may I help you?”)

so… if you have any info links other than to related stuff, things like interviews etc, please post them

to the renoise developers: please forgive my curiosity! i hope you don’t feel angry at me for posting this and compile a special malware renoise version for me ;)

you don’t have to get personal, just stay social. what i mean is this site along with having a current license makes it VERY easy to offer your input and ideas to help develop renoise further. That’s all we really need to know. Like the people who use renoise, the developers also have personal lives of their own and theres no reason you need anymore information about them after knowing that they work hard on renoise, that they are always there to help with tech support, and they take time to consider new ideas and suggestions to make the program better.

2002 interview with Taktik and Phazze.

Sure something similar and more recent could be nice. We understand development and route-plan are kept secret, as much as to prevent broken dreams and disappointment when I idea doesn’t make the quoted release as anything else, but some general words on what has happened/changed since then and maybe some generalities on the company may be nice…

yeah, like i said i’m not after the personal info about the devs, it’s not stuff about their private life i’m interested in

what interests me is their vision of the software they’re developing and their perspectives on the past, present and future

i like the idea. of course the question is not whether i like it, or we like it, but whether any of the devs like it. but i would definitely read an interview with them.

edit: thanks for posting that kazakore, enjoyed reading it.

yeah, i remember reading that 2002 interview a year ago, that’s the kind of interesting stuff i’m after

hopefully we can have a new updated “official interview with the devs”, with questions posted in a special thread?

actually not an interview with only the developers, but with general “interview appropriate questions” directed to the entire official Renoise Team

hmm… maybe the topic title isn’t the best, to me it sounds like a movie title or something:

[center]The Renoise Developers
Coming soon in a theatre near you! [/center]

^ anyone got a spare camera? we’ll make an ad-hoc documentary about the Renoise devs, hunt them down in their towns and shove mics and cameras in their faces without asking them for consent, claiming it is all for the greater good and the community and blahblahblah. then we fight over who gets to make the soundtrack.

When Dblue and Eric joined the team, they gave an interview to CDM, but it was blogged so all current references to it are no longer valid.

hey, maybe we should make a general documentary about tracking, renoise, its users, the scene, etc?

something similar to the video stuff found on reason’s product page: http://www.propeller…roducts/reason/

could be something to use in marketing of renoise

we could start by interviewing guys like vV here ^^ and the rest of the veterans found in the “About us” page, i mean he’s been around since 2003 so he must have something to say

again, it’s not about sneaking into the private life of the Renoise Team, but more about collecting many of the thoughts and perspectives from people who have seen Renoise grow up

i miss such perspectives on the past, present, future from the people who have the educated well-informed knowledge of stuff related to Renoise and tracking in general

thanks for the link, that’s a really nice interview!

i love this kind of stuff, to hear the devs’ thoughts and perspectives, makes me feel much closer to the product in a way

however, judging by the small amount of feedback to this thread’s main idea so far, i guess that idea isn’t interesting enough for most people in the renoise community

and i can understand if the renoise devs (and team) will prefer to talk to the established press/media as a marketing action

well, it doesn’t hurt to try :) but i’m dropping this idea for now and leave the interviews over to CDM and other publications