The Renoise Loop Project

The Vision

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been toying with the idea of a Renoise oriented-community project. Renoise is a magnificent tool for swiftly making loops - combined with a proactive community and an organised creative regime, there’s potential to create a decent collection of sound loops.

The Benefits
Our collection would not only serve the Renoise community, but the entire audio community. A royalty free collection of loops would draw positive attention to Renoise.

The Process
Lets face it, making loops are easy. Keeping an entire community motivated for a period of time is not.

  • The first 6 months of this project are percussion loops only.
  • Our aim is to create a collection of percussion loops ranging from 80-200bpm in multiples of 10 (ie. 80,90,100,110,120, etc).
  • Stages are broken up into 2 week periods. Every 2 weeks we’ll be changing BPM. 12 different BPMs. spread out over a 6 month cycle. This ensures we have an even distribution of tempos in our collection.
  • I would like each contributor to submit at least 2 loops per BPM. Over a 6 month period, that is an average of one loop per week.

How to Join

K0r3. :yeah:

Hi Mick,

Great idea. :)

At the risk of sounding daft, does “Percussion” basically exclude Kick and Snare, or do you have a more limited set of sounds in mind? I’d like to create some heavily-processed loops, but I’m not sure if they’d be considered “Percussion”.



I personally consider the definition rather broad. I guess it’s anything that can be considered percussion by your values alone. I guess you could consider it anything non-harmonic that has a perceivable rhythm and tempo?

Doesn’t have to be kick’n’snare, it could be anything.

So, going to make some loops for me? :P

No prob bob

nothing easier and more fun than making drums!

Edit: oh and may I say this is a great idea!
And should the loops be 40 or 80 in pattern length?

I like the base idea, but I don’t like the restriction to loops.

sharing our samples is absolutely a wise thing in general, not only for loops, which actually I never use.

Use your common sense - depends on the speed. :) 2 or 4 bars seem to the be the normal length.

Create an account on the website and go from there.

Hmmmm … It’s a nice idea. But since it’s a Renoise (Tracker) oriented page why not have people post loops as native renoise XRNS songs instead, with variable tempo, editable sounds within that loop. Restricting people to only using DSP’s that comes with renoise.

there are tons of pages of free sample loops out there so why is this any different and why would this have an edge against any other page? since anyone using any music software can use rendered loops?

XRNS lopps = Variable tempo, Editable to to infinity. Change everything about the sound. from samples to notes, basically anything you’d like. Then add ur own extanal VST effects if you desire.

The only problem i see, is that i would like to see a better way of importing A set of tracks into an already finished song, or the possibility to save a set of tracks into a group like XRNG. that you could import to ur song. I have many songs and I would really love to expand my library of loops with editable ones, or Just importing certain tracks from an already finished song that i made before.

Me no like rendered loops. I always chop them up anyways, using just a snare from one loop, a kick from another and make my own beats. And why I don’t like rendered loops? They are not editable except for chopping them upp with 0900 Effect command, or in sample editor. If I, for instance didn’t like the hihat of the loop I would like the possibility to Just mute it or replace it or do whatever i wanted with it.

Edit: Footnote! I actually spent 2 months of my life chopping every single drumloop i had on my PC saving every single sound as individual sounds instead.

agreed here. another sample site is always nice but a load of xrns’s would be better.

i’ve actually been sad enough to build a few xrns files with just grooves (drums/bass) in played on he 808 and lovely organ sample that comes with renoise, it’d be cool to have a site made up of stuff like that that could just be ripped apart.

chopping samples can be a chore some times.

Nice site and project! :)

I see your point, and it’s a good suggestion.

But the choice of WAV-files is probably due to copyright issues. When I make loops, they usually involve wav-files from various commercial sample CDs. The rendered loop itself has enough “height” to qualify as original (thus OK to distribute freely). But to distribute the original wav-files in the form of a XRNS file may lead to legal complications.

i think this is an ace idea - some loops coming yr way (soon)!

I can see the reason for putting loops up instead of instruments if this site is meant to draw attention to Renoise… the fact is, there are how many users of other sequencers out there that are looking for good loops. When they see this site, that has a bunch of free loops all created in this mysterious “Renoise” software, they’ll probably want to check it out ;)

… these users wouldn’t give us a second look if they just saw proprietary format instruments and run of the mill samples.

I guess it depends on who you’re targeting. If your target group is actual renoise users i think loops is not as hot. But i understand your perspective, looking at the site as an outsider and see all the cool loops created in Renoise. So … the solution. A rendered preview, or wav, AND the .xrns file for those who would like to tinker with that cool loop they just found.


cool idea, I’ll contribute loops.

Oh. and one other thing… In terms of marketing?

What would be more compelling to any serious producer? TOTALLY editable loops without timestretch and possibility to tweak every single part of that loop, or a rendered sample or loop that you would have to chop up anyways if you wanted that fuzzy feeling of doing something original and not just ripping a loop from a sample library.

The only other problem with that is that I personally will be using a tonne of VSTs on the loops I submit, so it’s not really going to be useful for me to release my .XRNS files along with the loops. I would assume this would be the case with others submitting loops as well ;)

I know what you mean. I use quite a lot too, but that kills a big part of the feel. Distributing the XRNS as well would be the same as distributing the MID file. and THAT’s something really neat. Even if it doesnt sound the same You have the notes, the groove, the samples… Just open it up and start editing. I don’t mind not getting all the VST effects or instruments. I can apply my own to my own taste. I really don’t mind getting error messages either of missing VST assets if it’s something I’m going to be tweaking ad fiddling with myself anyways ;)

Another vote for distributing an XRNS as well as a .wav…

how about allowing .rex format alongside .wav?

.xrns is fine for renoise users but i think the whole point is to spread the word of renoise to non users. having wav and rex formats means anyone can use the loops in any daw and would get them interested in renoise (if only so they can make cool loops too!)

You know there is software which does exactly this in a few minutes ?!

About the loop thing : Maybe I am in. Won’t promise anything. But you should be aware that almost every commercial sample-library comes with a disclaimer that states that you are not allowed to use the sounds to do another sample-library (profit or non-profit). kinda shaky ground you are walking on there.