The Return (Hardcore/Gabber Track)

Hey folks, been working again in Renoise lately. yesterday i finished my Hardcore song “The Return”.
It’s kinda like the commercial classic hardcore we used to have back in the 90’s (Thunderdome era).
Hope you like it :walkman:

Also made a youtube video (making of preview), but not the whole song, recording + processing vst fx and dsp killed my CPU halfway lol.

More like harstyle to me.

More like harstyle to me.

Yep, more like Brennan Heart, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, there were few things that might be improved, though:

Kick and the bass are overlapping and kick lacks some sort of sharpness. Try to play with signal followers to make better symbiosis between the kick and the bass!

That’s all from me, I hope my feedback helped! Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thats a good idea thanks, i kinda forgot to use signal followers on that.

Personally it still sounds alright, but i had trouble with the vocals to come out properly (clear). had to use De-Esser doofer to reduce the S-vowels. But since the voice was low pitched, i had to still make it sound clear. So if i raise the vocal, its basically too loud, if i lower it, it sounded supressed compared to the other sounds, same happens with EQ-adjustments. Sometimes mastering is a pain to balance everything out :slight_smile: