The Return Of S-Wrong Part Iii

Hello again. My last track was a lighter, dancehall-tinged affair, but now it’s back to the darkness. This one’s called Interlocked and will also be part of the forthcoming minialbum (which will be downloadable for free, of course), although I didn’t see this one coming. My plan was to finish my old tracks, not to write new ones.

It’s available to download but bear in mind that it is a demo. As before, constructive criticism is welcomed.

Listen here:

Hugs and kisses.

Like electronic tracks for 80’s with dubstep. I must say it is very good combination. Perfect for me.

Thank you!

sounds really nice! no critisism here… finish this work in progress!

shitty headphones prevent me from hearing any bass, but I’m guessing it’s good :)

Well, I hope the bass is in the place. There’s a deep sine playing along with the audible bass sounds, but my own monitoring isn’t the best so I am making some educated guesses from time to time with regards to the sub freqs.

endonyx: I’ll finish it up properly before I put it on the mini album. Not sure how many songs there ought to be. Three are more or less ready and another WIP is coming soon, and there is a fifth song which has potential, but I dunno. Maybe it will end up as a four or five track EP.