The Review

Renoise isn’t a recordingprogram. But the reviewer probably means linear-sequencers like logic or cubase.

I started with Protracker on my good old Amiga. Then I changed to Cubase but felt never lucky with this piece of software (altough the new SX isn’t that bad . So I changed to Logic and used it for many years, and even released some songs in germany on popular dance samplers. But all these years I felt that I don’t have the real control about my songs like I had in my good old 8-Bit 4 Channel Amiga Tracker. Changing to a tracker was no question for me because I tought, the quality isn’t just good enough for commercial releases.

As some of you may know, Apple bought Emaigc and Logic Development for PC was stopped. I have now tought of changing my system, but that was too expansive for me, because I have also buy/crossgrade some VSTs and other Software. So the last two month I searched for an alternative.

Fruity Loops seems quite okay to me, but some things really put me down, like the terrible Piano-Roll-Editor. Its a lot of work to create complex sequences.

Then I tried Psycle and tought it is quite good. Later I found Renoise and gave it a try and was very pleased with my first results, and the feeling to have absolute control abouth everything. Last Sunday I ordered my copy of Renoise and I can’t wait to recieve my copy of it. I just can’t wait to use ASIO in Renoise and to rock the world with it :drummer: :D :rolleyes:

Thanks for the translation Kricke! Although I could read it in Swedish I don’t have the mag so it was very good.

There must be contact persons in the magazine, right? Or if it has something like reader’s columns you could send a mail with the corrections to them… we don’t want people to think less of Renoise, do we? :)

Of course :)
In Norwegian this is “analogt”…

Perhaps the best thing would be to notify them when 1.5 is ready,
maybe they’ll even do a new review then.

Are there any other reviews of Renoise out there? I think it would be interesting to read them.

Anyway thanks Kricke for the translation :)

[b] nah, beat calculator native plugin, all this drag & drop stuff, visualization plugins & sweet sweet rainbow coloured lego arranger is more important than this one…

…allso 3d first person shooting game inside ReNoise would be a great success. [/b]

:yeah: :drummer: :guitar:

how about a built-in IRC client? ;)

kricke - Thank you very much for translating that :D

All of the ComputerMusic magazines that come out in the United States are from the U.K… So if the Renoise developers want to get more media exposure, they should contact U.K. music magazines.

for now, all those magazines want to talk about is Reason, Cubase and FL-studio. So I’m SURE they’d be happy for some fresh topics. They did review madtracker a few years back. :P

No problem, guys! I did it with pleasure.

And Johan, yes, I could investigate a bit further into that. We’ll see :)

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got it! :yeah:

definite feature for 1.6: built in Eliza clone. So when you’re sitting in front of your computer at 4 am trying to figure out where to take your current masterpiece you can talk to it and have it console you about your artistic torment.

How about CVS integration, that would make things like longtrack projects easy to develop? Or built-in www browser so you can browse the Renoise forums while composing? Or a built in multi-player MS Hearts (multi-player) game, so you can play something with other Renoisers in the breaks during your work. Or a… ARGH! (here came Martinal and broke my nose)

Multiplayer in Renoise :D
Let’s compose a song together - at the same time! Woohoo! B)

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MMOME = Massively Multicomposer Online Music Editing :D

the number-one feature for ReNoise 1.6:
“When next version will be released?” auto-answering
(the answer will be: “when it’s done”

p2p renoise network, so that everyone who’s on-line and tracking at the same time can chat and swap samples and patterns.

Tip Of The Day already exists, although it is discreet down the screen.

before it exits, it should have an option to say the same things as FastTracker II… :D

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”
“Musicians press cancel, Lamers Press o.k.”
“So you think you can quit that easily, huh?”
"Fast Tracker :( , Cool! "
“Do you think DOS is more amusing than music?”
“Are we at the end of our fasttracker round?”
“Tired Already?”
“You are a lamer aren’t you, Press O.k. to confirm”
“Hope you did good, Press o.k. to exit.”
“Hey whats the matter, you aren’t quitting now are you?”

those were cool :D

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yeah… and that was the only case in which I pressed “Rules” and tried to exit again :lol:

and what about:
“I hope you made the compulsory exit ceremony…”? :)