The Rise Of the Pontiac

  1. psychedelic trance/ oldschool/ 160 BPM track
  2. Indian flute + synths + vocals
  3. made on DAW Renoise
  4. tribute song to Pontiac’s Rebellion in 1763

If there is any feedback I will gladly accept it to improve my work!

Great work!

I liked the intro and the high-pitched synths from 03:36

However, the flute sound didn’t really blend sometimes, especially at the end with the voice, seemed redundant there…

Overall, it had a pleasing and defined sound, although for me personally the lack of any real “chorus” or climax was a drawback, but that is just my opinion.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks for Your detailed feedback, Nor Tamena! I really appreciate that :slight_smile:

The flute and vocalic leads were the sign of the Native Americans and the synths were signifying the Immigrants from Europe. It seemed redundant because in the end, the Native Americans who fought bravely, were defeated…

Psytrance isn’t really my cup of tea, but i hear lots of interesting ideas and great execution. I love the filtering at around 3:10, great sounds overall and i can’t really find anything to pick on. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback! I know that psytrance is not cup of tea generally, but I create music due to my moods so I change genres a lot and test my abilities :smiley: I really appreciate every feedback I get! :slight_smile: