The S And E In Loopeditor


What about making the S and E “buttons” wich appear at each loop a tad bigger? im having a hard time just clicking on em. Or can this be tweaked allready in the configs and im just beeing an idiot?


i second this notion. unless i too am an idiot.

we’re going down in smoke and flames.

I’m going to second it too in a bit, but I have to see if I can spot which buttons you’re talking about first. ;)

Actually, they’re ok here, but maybe I’m running a bit lower res than you.

Ever heard of glasses? :o :P

Just kidding. I don’t have any problem with the size of them, but since you do, it wouldn’t hurt to make them bigger. B)

and maybe make them controllable via midi cc ?

(see my other post)

Nyet not yet.

Yes please!!!
I’ve been wanting this since ooh, about 1997 in FT2.
I imagine a pattern command which affects the most recently played sample in the track with the loop points returning to their original positions once the command has ceased?
Also a command to change the loop type (forward, pingpong, backward)

XX00 = [Start][Offset]
XY00 = [End][Offset]
XZ00 = [Looptype][Type 00,01,02]

This should be fairly easy to implement, no?

It would dramatically increase the ability to do glitchy stuff without VSTs, which is a good thing.
It could also serve as a crude timestretcher - put the loop on forward mode and shift the loop start and end points at the same time.

altering the start and end point is always fun to do live, but thats always just one point changing whilst the track is running (of course)

to have it controllable from pattern commands / automation and external midi devices would be a bonus . . .

automation of the loop end has occurred to me as a good idea. so theres one more vote.

also, why not make the S and E buttons tiny normally, but get bigger when you hover over them?

i think the hovering thing could be used in plenty of different places in renoise.

in addition, lists, like the vsti browsers, should be customizable, i.e. by type, “brand,” etc. like a multitiered folder browser. if the file browser can do it, why not here?

im building up quite a list of FX and Instruments, and i dont like sifting so much.