The Sample Recording Option

I don’t seem to have my soundcard’s output as an available in device.

Basically, I want a way that I can play a VST through my keyboard and record the output. I’m sure the option’s in there, but I can’t seem to find it.

Please help! :)

edit : oops, wrong answer. Nevermind.

maybe, you can rec by using senderella, though a bit strange way.

The setting is;

+Track 01: set senderella’s mode param to ‘Send’
+Track 02: set mode param to ‘Return’
+Sample editor: you need to rec ‘track 02’ dsp sound.
+Play VSTi on ‘track 01’.

Senderella is here. :P…

I will try this! Unfortunately, the What-U-Hear option basically means I have to switch to DirectSound. This is the option I’ve usually taken in the past, but it introduces latency that makes me perform even worse than I normally do. 'tis not fun.

I downloaded another bit of recording software that does support ASIO, but it seems that only one bit of ASIO software can be used at once. Sadness.

edit: Senderella doesn’t want to download; it stops at 47k every time. Since it’s pretty small, do you think you could maybe host it? Please?

You could use senduit or yousendit or that sort of thing.

?? I can download Senderella from normaly… :blink:

Anyway, here it is. (sorry ModuLR. Maybe I’ll delete this link a week later.)

This is weird, that archive (downloaded from you) won’t open either.

Hmm, I don’t understand what has happened in your download process… :wacko:
Please try another download method (ask your friends or something),
or I can try to send senderella file by e-mail if you tell me your address by PM.

might be a disk is full or needs defragmentation of some kind.
I had this problem in the past as well.
I had to clear my browser cache to resolve that problem.

I’ve tried to update the link file (.rar), though a result may be the same also in this… :(

Yep, that file works. I’ll try the method later on, thanks a lot!