The Scopes At The Top

Track scopes, master FFT and master scopes could all have a switch for drawing them “realtime” (as it is now) and “over time” (e.g. as in the sample editor).

Also, track scopes could have customizable background colors for

  • track contains notes, effects or automation in current pattern
  • track contains notes, effects or automation anywhere in song

I think they need a general reworking anyway. They are good for checking if a signal is running through a track at any one time, but they are not as good as something like Voxengo Span. Compare the too for a performance difference.

I guess super charging them may cause a CPU issue though…

The VU meters in the new Mixer in 1.8 can be a more precise choice for this reason when set to -96dB.

A toggle for little VU meters next to each track scope!

It would also be neat if there would be indicators for the number of columns in a track, and wether those columns are muted or not.

Yes, I agree for advanced mad scientist monitoring you would use VST’s anyway. But still souping those scopes up at least a bit would be great, as sometimes you don’t need advanced monitoring and it’s nice to have it right there instead of having to hook up VST’s just to have a quick glance at something.

Sorry, I was talking about frequency analysis, not volume level… Span is a Freq. Analyser.

I know, when I said “scopes” in that last sentence I actually I meant “the stuff at the top that shows what is going on”, which includes everything :rolleyes: