The Search For 2 Particulair Souns

I’m searching for the Prodigy sample ‘hey!’ it’s in ‘firestarter’.

and who knows where those breathy synth pads come from
used in ‘I can’t stop raving’ and ‘rainbow to the stars’ from Dune.

yes, I’m trying some retro styling…

The “Hey!” sample is from an Art Of Noise track called “Close to the edit”. And, I just looked this up on Google, the Art Of Noise originally sampled it from the track “Freeze-Frame” by The J. Giles Band.

Here’s a pretty cool site which lists some of the sample sources for The Prodigy’s tracks:

Can’t help you with the pad sounds though.

Damn, that was wrong and on the other side good to visit that site. Hearing those samples in their original state is just weird… Like a little magic just died in me… Sorry just blurbing my feelings out here after a couple off beers… so ignore this post if doesn’t make sense :D

The ‘‘hey!’’ sample is correct, now, are there no Dune fans around here that know of this breathy sound in ‘can’t stop raving’?
or some sort sound like in the beginning of (don’t laugh) tokyo ghetto pussy’s to another galaxy?

Can you upload part of the song somewhere?

Breathy pad sounds could come from pretty much any Roland/Yamaha/Korg etc sample based keyboard in the last 15+ years! :blink: