The Second Division - Star & Comet


Done in Renoise, of coz :)

edit: link updated to 320kbps.

any critics for my wip track?


Hehe, you really want comments on that track don’t you? :)

The tune is pretty fun, the portamento creates some sour moments in few places.

The tune itself is pretty weird, but in my opinion, in a good way. After few listens it really grew on me. :)

Actually, I got some comments from the onther places I posted the track. But this place seems to be most silent one.

The track is slightly weird, true. I started the track as an art, later made it more breaks. It’s still WIP, but I collected the people comments to see if they hear things I hear in the track. And yes, 2 of 10 do hear :) The track is not supposed to be strong, but I’ve tried to put some intelligence there. Thanks for the comment!

cool track! good and interesting swing in that beat, i like that stuff. keep ooon

I like this song for its oddity

mission accomplished successfully. thank you for your cooperation. :badteethslayer:

damn and I just wanted to comment something…

…but now I am too late :(

Yes, oh yes!

You still can leave a comment, but none of them will be approved by God.

…must …need …aproval…

nah seriously, I like the track a lot.
Especially the “womp wah wiau” basfilter sounds.

nice one!

Thanks! The track is full of unusual connected sounds. And those three bass elements are connected through the track. One of my favourites as well.

I like it. :)