The "secret Codes" Column In Renoise

i’ve been using renoise for a year and a semester now, and i barely ever use the effects column in renoise. i call them secret codes, cause when me and my friend stared at the same time, it was our first experience with trackers. we saw you could put #s in that column and get different sounds but at that point it did not compute in our heads so we called them secret codes.

anyway. is it weird that i barely ever use the volume or effects column in renoise, how many other users out there are like me, and how many use the effects to no end?

you’re missing out.

try 1xx, 2xx and 9xx for starters.

Note Offset and retrigger are used quite a bit. The occasional volume command or pitch up/down but I don’t utilise them nearly as much as I should.

Some people much prefer them though, and use them instead of automation envelops wherever possible.

check my demosongs for a clear answer :)

The slide commands were not easily interpretable with the older versions of Renoise.
With 2.0, it is clear that each slide value represents 1/16th note that is being slide.
So no more calculators are required.

the current 4 columns aren’t even enough …!


oh, i know all the commands, i just never come across the need for using them in my music making

I discovered the Neurotix demosong in RC1 last night.
i am utterly Amazed!

Yeah the demo tunes are great. Look deep into them by soloing channels to learn how the effects are applied.

+oh yeah i use offset effect commands since 2nd day i began. i also use the track dsp switches alot, reset lfo alot retriggs a little. program changes sometimes (if i can’t get the vsti to sound right i use another instance)
often the volume effect column for gating or more like the transformer gate sound. speed commands & line commands.

basically i don’t use them as much as i could & should.

i was quite amazed with It-Alien’s use of flters.
still not quite sure how he is doing that!

took me a long bit to see what was going on in Neurotix’s demosong.

wow. these demosongs are magnificent!

IMO there needs to be more patterncommands, for example: loop point marker manipulation, scrolling back & forth within a pattern impulse stylee etc etc. Hex-limits need to be broken. Give me patterncomman Z… :slight_smile:

yeah the hex limit makes no sense and IT style pattern tricks would be crazy :)

oh yeah, i use the pitch commands (01XX/02xx) often too. it’s very fun with vocals.
ie. OM/AUM meditations. good stuff!

What I use mostly:

01XX and 02XX pitch bends for the coolness of it.

05XX legato!

09XX Percussion offsetting, cut the tail of reversed cymbals. Break mangling, vocal effects.

0BXX or volume column B0/B1 for reversing percussion, vocals, pads, rolling breaks. Rolling crash/ride cymbals.

0FXX Vibrato. This is something that everyone has to master to make your sounds liven up.

F0XX for tempo change.

F1XX for breaks when I am lazy.

FDXX I sometimes use it for tense breaks, when I am too lazy. :)


I wish I was in your head… :)