The Sound

Constructive feedback always welcome, positivity would be greatly appreciated in comments on the Soundcloud track!!! :yeah:

<3 Pixellated

God damn! This is like stadium dance music or something. I love that snare! My only criticism is that it sounds a bit ‘muffled’, but that might be the sound you’re after.

The glitching in the last section is pretty great! Tastefully done.

Thanks dude!

Yeah I have really shitty speakers so I find judging the top end difficult, I tend to err on going a bit softer cause I don’t want to make it too harsh or something by accident. At some point when I can afford to upgrade to some decent monitors I will definitely remix my tracks and do some frequency tuning especially where things muddy a little bit too in the low end.

Saw your Soundcloud comment too, awesome! hands in the air! \o/ woop woop!