The Space Of The End Of A File Name Is Trimmed Away Automatically

Well, this may be just a little nitpicking though, I want to confirm this since I recieved such request at the japanese bbs.

For example, if I want to rename many samples to “Sample 00, Sample 01, Sample 02…” ,
I’ll try to copy the characters "Sample " (a word + space) and paste it into the renaming dialog-box.
In Renoise, the result will be “Sample” (the space is trimmed away automatically).
Is this intended behavior?? :huh:

I can imagine easily that it’s a intended function for correcting mis-selection, but in the case like above, it’s not confortable a bit (yeah, really a bit ;) ). If this behavior can be changed easily, hope to do so.

Well, I already recommended him to use under-bar instead of space, but still…