The Stangest Radio Station I've Heard.

In 94 I moved to Riverside California with a friend and moved back to Washington after less than a year–on the drive down there was a radio station that was somewhere near San Francisco that played the strangest things I had quite frankly ever heard. They played some things that were so absurd, particularly some of the clips from dialogue from really old documentaries and out-of-circulation tv shows and educational programming taken completely out of context, that I laughed for so hard that I had to pull over to the side of the road. They also played some things that are so obscure from other countries that I was just glued to the station.

I just found the station about 3 hours ago–online–it’s based in Oakland, and it continues to be just as weird.

Shirley and Spinoza

The main website is:
and to save time, the pls file, found when clicking on their listen link on their title page is:




this is really cool man :D

The 80’s pop from Cambodia convinced me! :D

This is the best radio station I’ve ever heard in my life. I’ve been searching for sheer randomness for ages, I don’t think I’ll be bored so easily now.

The only bothersome part for me is where to start with this! I mean streaming is cool, but there are so many audiofiles to download just filled with really cool stuff.

Surprised I had not heard of this previously.

Had anyone downloaded “Music Chairs” from the archive? Fantastic idea. Here is a little bit from the site about it -

February 5th, 2006 8-11pm
Ub Radio: - Musical Chairs


  • Each musician brought an instrument that everyone would be able to “play”.
  • When DJ Footstool played the theme music, the musicians got up and circled the table.
  • When the theme music stopped playing, the musicians sat in the closest chair & played that instrument!
  • got it?

Hey Fausto,

Thanks for the stream! Makes for insane listening at work… We’ve got very little radio like this here in Australia.

That musical chairs idea seems great! Now to find some museos…

Kizzume: I’ve saved the Stations Bookmark for some time. I just “stumbled upon” it today. it’s so damn freaky. ^^ very nice. :)
Edit: Sometimes I can’t help myself and just start laughing. It’s so damn funny and I don’t even know exactly why. lol