The top 3 v3.1 features you're hoping for!

  1. Importing midi files.
  2. Detachable windows.
  3. A dry/wet knob for all vst fx


  1. Render phrase executions back into static pattern data

  2. Create phrases from multiple tracks and instruments

3.Playback phrases from disc (in the same waypreview of samples work)


LV2 support

fixed bugs

  • More options for macros (incl. multichoice toggle buttons)

  • Matrix alternate pattern pool / idea pool (some sort of separation between actual song arrangement vs. various loose ideas)

  • longshot: better visualization when using long samples/recordings (not neccesarily “audiotracks”)

Midi drag’n’drop is a given, but it’s quite a “minor” feature technically so mentioning it doesn’t count :slight_smile:

LV2 support

definitely this.

#1 post-FX fader automation (cause pre-FX volume modification screws all the dynamic effects you’ve put after it)

#2 Detachable windows (or any kind of dual screen support)

#3 LV2… I suppose…

  1. Jamming with sample selection (select any part of sample and play it on keyboard without cutting it into another instrument).

  2. Doofers that can create paraller effects (like: two doofers in one doofer work paraller).

  3. Automatable loop points

  4. Export any selection in MATRIX pattern editor into new instrument

  5. Better metering and oscilloscope like u-he synths have

  6. LV2 support

  • LuaJit
  • Audiotracks
  • Piano roll

Piano roll

Internal MIDI routing

Variable pattern lengths with overlapping patterns

Built-in auto updated roadmap with one-click petpicture2forum functionality for each new feature planned

  1. Melody view or vertical “piano roll” integrated into pattern editor (

  2. Alternate or improved selection system including multiple-selections and edits that don’t force-center (in other words, editing operates like a spreadsheet)

  3. Alternate “pattern matrix”, one that is more flexible. Perhaps patterns belong to layers (layer 1 - pattern 1, 2, 3… as we know it), but you could create new layers with whole new pattern sets. There would then be a “layer” editor that let’s you layout a song (vertically) by layer. Maybe I’ll do a mock up? (I did a mock up:

Didn’t we already have this thread?

The same as always:

  1. More standard sampler features (start/end automation, etc.)

  2. Proper support for playing in instruments, as opposed to just programming

  3. Better routing (proper sends, wet/dry on all plugins, MIDI routing)

  1. no accordeon tabs in the sampler anymore (I,ve watched danoise’s xstream clip, at the end it looked like it’s done :slight_smile: )

  2. some love spent on the pattern matrix (sections working as foldable pattern groups for a start maybe?)

  3. a social network metadevice, that will tweet every note you play and post a picture of it on facebook and instagram

  1. a social network metadevice, that will tweet every note you play and post a picture of it on facebook and instagram

God help the alpha tester who leaked this ahead of time!

  1. moar hours in the day mode

  2. no moar shit job mode

  3. dog for girlfriend

  1. taktik liking post #9 meaning something for 3.2 :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. more macros or a different way to have renoise instrument automation

  3. click and drag in the API

  1. Hasenzahn

  2. Hahnenkamm

  3. released very soon

1.really really want) instrument parallel MIDI Routing to MULTIPLE instruments and midi channels, not just one.

  1. Macro/Doofer Buttons that recall parameter values in vsts and vsti’s

  2. Loop Point Modulation made easy

  3. Transpose Keybaord Function. Not just Octives…