The Turtle - Grind Zone [grindcore/extratone]

the turtle - grind zone:…turtleremix.mp3

and some sped up dubstep which isnt worth finishing:…%5d/stepdub.mp3

just get an mc to chat over it and you have a perfect intro to almost any album, doesn’t even need mixing, mastering or indeed, miking.

and that grind zone song is way too long - maybe cut out the middle eighth and make the second chorus half as long?

you’re right, im gonna have to cut it down if i’m to fit the other 98 tracks on the album into the 10 minute window

i hadn’t thought of using renoise for grindcore for some reason - i’m gonna give it a go tonite i reckon - may even do some grunting vocals


Keep going with that dubstep, may go somewhere cool.