The Tuss

What do you guys and girls think is this Richard James? sounds a lot like him, I know its quite debatable and may be an other alias of the highly talented mister james, and with the use of the yamaha gx1 (may have just borrowed it from him), and both being cornish (wonder if the tuss has welsh parents aswell). anyhow i love the music by them!

It is him.

You can here it because he uses a organ (don’t know the name anymore) and there are just a few organs of that kind in the world. Must be him…

Somebody know the name of that instrument?

yeah also listen to the bit at 3.29 when the second synth comes in it sounds exactly like the synth melody in either the drukqs or chosen lords and the main synth melody sounds like it should be in chosen lords

edit: sorry in the song synthacon 9

That is actually a synth, not an organ (despite it’s organ-like manuals and such). It is the Yamaha GX-1, and there are only a few of them in the entire world. I once read a number like…seven of them were built. They cost like $60,000 USD when they first came out. Richard D James is known to own one, and the chances of an amateur artist in the industry, no matter how skilled, being able to afford a $60,000 instrument is very rare.

Yeah but who are
Karen tregaskin
patrik trageskin

Maybe kaneel can shed some light …I saw he’s got a myspace friend ( doesn’ t that sound weird ) called patrick tregaskin .

I booked patrick tregaskin last night

thanx! :D