The Ultimate Setup For Play/stop/record Buttons

How I want the keys to work:

(FYI: When I say edit/record mode, I mean what happens when you press escape normally and you get your red line round the pattern editor.)

I don’t know if these keys are bindable to behave EXACTLY like this. I’m having troubles!

Caps lock: Off note - only required to be pressed once to insert an OFF.

Alt gr: play pattern from the top.
Shift-Alt gr: play pattern from current position.
Alt gr while playing and record mode is on: turn record mode off.
Alt gr while playing and record mode is off: stop playing song.

Enter: play loop.
Shift-enter: play loop from current position.
Enter while playing and record mode is on: turn record mode off.
Enter while playing and record mode is off: stop playing song.

Right shift: start recording while playing the pattern from the top.
Left shift + Right shift: Start recording pattern from current position. Like Enter above, only with edit mode on.
Right shift while playing pattern and record mode is off: turn edit mode on and continue playing the pattern.
Right shift while playing pattern and record mode is on: stop playing song.

Right ctrl: play song from beginning of pattern.
Right ctrl while playing a song: stop playing song.

Space while playing a pattern or playing a song: turn edit/record mode on/off (as usually done by escape).
Space while not playing: turn edit mode on/off

Advantages to this system:

  • Intuitive with same keys for start/stop
  • More fluent workflow (at least for me)
  • Caps lock works in a better way
  • Less finger movements -> faster tracking
  • Ok, maybe I’m pushing it too hard here… ;)

Some of the key bindings are doable right now ofc, but it needs the whole shebang to work really well. There’s lots of synergy going on here imo.

THIS, and visual audio tracks with better recording capabilities is something I’d love to have in Renoise. If it’s possible to make it work EXACTLY like this, then please tell me how. If it’s just me being stupid with assigning keys, then let me know…

I’ve done something like this with my edit_mode_on/follow_mode_on & editmode=off/followmode=off, play+editmode_on, stop w/ recordmode=on etc shortcuts.

they can be midimappable and keyboard shortcuttable and they do the things the way i want them to.

For instance, my numpad “,” is mapped to “switch to pattern editor, switch to track dsps, cursor focus on pattern editor, put record=ON & followmode=ON” so wherever i am in renoise (it’s global), i can just press a key and immediately hammer in some notes.

i press , again and follow pattern is off.

i’ve only recently started to configure the right meta keys and it’s really quite swell to have a full panic stop and a start from current row and start from start of song , my way, scripted.

For a couple of niggles in the way things work I went to FT2 mode, which is what yours seem to be an advancement on. For the comment above the thing I have found I really want at times is:

R-Ctrl while playing = Replay from top of selected (edit position) Pattern. Especially when playing Live, either mixing into other media (vinyl or CD for eg) and you haven’t quite cued well enough timed. Space bar is large and hard to miss and as such think suitable for Stop on its own. Although you seem to want to get rid of Space Bar for Stop…