The Unknown Rain - Movie Theme

_**The inspiration I had:

"A strong wind is blowing.
Suddenly a thunder. Rain.
A deep melody.
When suddenly a woman starts singing along to the melody the piano and the strings are playing.**_

_ What had happened?" _

Was inspired to do this melody by a woman. Suddenly I just had to sort it out of my head. Bring it to life.
This is the result.

“The Unknown Rain”


I did the production with my Korg Kronos (all sounds original) used also a Piano from there.
The strings are a combination of SamplitudesVita Strings & Edirol Full Strings & Strings from the Kronos.
Which add to a wonderful sound.
I really found a match where those three add so good that it sounds like a 4th component is added.
If one string sound is just missing a little bit of the 3, the whole effect breaks down.
The Vocals in those version are from Ethera 2.0 Plugin which needs the full contact player version.

Mixing and Mastering was done in Samplitude & Izotope. Yes. I was crazy and bought both. :wink:

I really love the harmony at the beginning and how it develops out of the rain.
It’s like you’re going on a journey. And then - before it’s almost over - heavy rain again.
Back to life back to reality.