The Use Of Sync.

Hello, When you use the sync option in renoise Ive read that It does some damage to the quality to the sanmple. my quistion is, If you have a beat that you cant find a desent bpm for(maybe its somewhere between 244 and 246, but you are not 100%sure), but you get it as close as you can, will the damage be less then If you try to make a 120 bpm beat fit in a 160 bpm song, hope you understand my question, sorry my bad english Iam from Denmark…


Using the sync option is simply adjusting the pitch of the sample until it fits a certain number of beats.

Therefore it is not doing any more “damage” than playing a sample normally at different notes with your keyboard.

Technically there is a very tiny amount of “damage” happening when resampling the sample to different pitches, but this is unavoidable - resampling can never be perfect anyway. Overall it’s really not something you need to worry about, so just sync up those beats and make some cool music :)


thanx dblue