The Way You Go About Constructing A Song?

I dont know if a topic like this has been posted before sorry if it has, but what way do you guys like to go about when you sit down and start to compose that ideal track of yours? like do you start on the drums, melody or rhythm first and how do you make that ideal track of your stand apart from everyone else’s

usually if i sit down open renoise an just start adding samples together, i don’t get what i’m looking for, but i do save it.
i find if i have some sort of idea to guide me before hand i get a lot more out of it. those ideas that find there way into your consciousness are being placed there for a reason, i believe it’s wise to use them, because they were meant for your hands at this opportune moment. i find using other works inside renoise inspire great results. i find some of my favorite bassline from loading a midi of a classical piece. i can get an atmosphere from sampling certain media i enjoy. sometimes i just get a rhythm that i need to write down, which when transcribed doesn’t always sound like what i have in my mind, so i work on it till it works. usually yeilding promise. i make tons of little tracks/songs that i find will work excellent with what i’m doing at this moment, or that moment. so i try to keep my speed & bpm close to each other. i like to look at my small tracks and clips as a lexicon of sorts, that i can use over and over if i wanted.

I usually need an idea of what I want it to sound like before I start (whether it’s the mood, rhythm, a melody line, etc). Then from there I usually just experiment with different VSTs and instruments until I find something that fits in well. I’ve found some really good things just by opening up a new song and messing with DSP chains and instrument filters and stuff. I’ll also work on melody lines on a guitar or just by entering a rough idea in Renoise and tweaking until it sounds right.
I also usually work a section at a time (I’ll write everything for the intro them move on to the next part and so on) then I go back and listen to everything together and see what needs to be fixed.