the zeta mindjack

As usual, it’s a 100% native quick done job.

And you can still download the source . xrns here.

thanx for listening

Hey !

A friend has just done a glitch-genre remix of my zeta mindjack tune.

Here it is :

Don’t worry it’s a safe experiment, you won’t finish like him :

Cool track!
I thought it was quite glitchy to begin with, but the remix was cool too! :drummer:
While listening, i think i actually had that same expression there for a while, but it probably has something to do with the weed that has been smoken. :P

Hey thanx TheBellows for playing !


Initially the previous picture came from the Angry Joe Show, where Joe was testing a computergame called “Mindjack”, one of the worst game ever created.

At the end of this hilarious test, he’s totally mindfucked.

Hello KURTZ. Oh, it’s a great glitch. :drummer: Many thanks for the module. :rolleyes: