The Zounds - Dancing (Dnb Remix)

Made after friday party: :drummer:

dancing, dancing,
making the noise ;) :panic:

any feedback will be appreciated :)

I like it, but i would like to feel the more drums and bass.


I’ll take this into consideration with next ones ;)

With this one - the main sample was pretty dirty :P (sampled from old casette with poor quality) and I wanted to keep all tune with same ‘dirty’ taste…



friend just wrote me that his subwoofer is “not working” in this song in best way ;) So there must be really something with this ;) Problem is - i have only monitors.

Will try to work today. Thanks once again!

Yeah, feels like a crappy dj (me) forgot to but the lows knob back in place. ^_^

SInce it’s DRUM & BASS , I can’t really say much because, umm, of that dj.

ok, ok ;) started working on version 2.0 ;)

Can’t wait for it!

Well, I bit fail.

Unfortunately amen break which I used (one coming with renoise) throws peaks… I think I will need some help at some point…