Theme For Impulse Tracker / Streamtracker

Perhaps you know that Impulse Tracker from Jeffrey Lim had the same look&feel like the Screamtracker from Future Crew. Especially there was a color theme called “Gold” which had the same colors like Screamtracker. Although Renoise is officially called “Fasttracker-like” I imagine that many people used Impulse Tracker before, just like me. If you’ve seen these colors for years, you don’t wan’t to miss it. B)

In Impulse-Tracker the RGB values reach from 0 to 63, in Renoise they reach from 0 to 255. I’ve rescaled all the values and created a theme called “impulsetracker.xml” which gives you EXACTLY the old colors from Impulse-Tracker / Screamtracker (at least in the windowed mode…). You can download the theme here :

Have fun :yeah:

I personally use a very similar “vintage” theme.

Has anyone seen or made a protracker-a-like theme?

B) a grey one … not a little bit boring?!

I love the grey with blue!
I made it allready for myself, if you like to have this theme to,
here is where you can get it: