Theme From Wat (Getaway Blaxploitation Funk)

D Fast - Getaway

Messing around with some funk. This will eventually become a theme song for a radio drama which is in the making.

Great. Not a complete fan of the distorted guitar ‘solo’ part, but the whole groove is awesome.

I’ve been picturing Shaft in a car chase :D

this is awesome! thanks for sharing :D
i think you should have some of those big layered funk horn stabs in there somewhere but that’s just my taste

cool! probably the song i liked the most here in Renoise forum, but i’m suspicious since i don’t care about most electronic music

but yeah… that solo guitar is really cheesy but it’s nothing that those guys in the 70’s wouldn’t do

the big problem with the guitar is not that, is that is sounds plastic, not real

It’s always funny when people dislike a certain sound just because it doesn’t sound real (and in this case sounds plastic). What makes this even funnier is the fact that the guitar is indeed very real, although it could (and should) sound a whole lot better.

Thanks for the comments yall!

funny when people… who? it was me man, it wasn’t a comment from a lot of people so… you can be direct

it’s not that funny, some things sound cool plastic, other don’t

and you can make electronic music sound real, and real instruments sound plastic, in a good or a bad way

this calls for the Soup Nazi


It’s a very common comment I see a lot of people giving music everywhere, telling a certain sound doesn’t sound real… I just find it funny, that’s all. :)

And with “people” I especially meant your post (but I tend to throw statements at a wider crowd whenever possible), didn’t think I’d have to underline you especially (I did quote you though). :)

In a nutshell, the word “real” is what gets my attention everytime people discuss music and sounds, so I’m mostly just sidetracking from your initial comment.

This calls for Al Gore:

“Don’t be so super serial!”

And hey, glad you like the tune!

this one is great! keep it up man :)