These 2 colour Editor ideas can be game-changer for Renoise?

Hi guys

I beliebe I’ve found the best way you can use current Renoise tracker state and with minimal programming edits you can finally create horisontal and vertical tracker editor, based on my 2 ideas. Take a look:




You could switch between default (vertical) and horizontal tracker editor by hitting F1. It might just switch modes. As a heavy tracker fan, I believe that Implementing horizontal tracker layout might attract new Fruity-loops / others customers… :slight_smile:

I applied graphics in Photoshop based on my current Renoise 3.1.1 (X64) tracker (because it is the last version that works with old 32bit plugins).

Imagine if you can scale tracker width and height with mouse wheel & ALT keys combination.

The same way vertical and horizontal arranger can be made. This way everything will be much easier to arrange (colours are just example).

Any comments might help in probably future Renoise development. Yes, I admit it is a bit hard(er) to arrange song with current Tracking possibilities. Horisontal arrangment could help a lot but if it is not planned at all (and why not?) - those two Photoshop mockups might be the easiest way to implemet “notes” - colours of your choice between start note and off notes.

Thanx. Nykk.


I like your mockups (vertical waveforms of any kind is something I would also like to see in the future updates) but the result looks like a big unusable mess to me

Also I don’t like the idea of making Renoise more inviting for FL Studio users
I don’t want my diesel vehicle trying to attract electric cars users by sacrificing it’s potential towards new auditory instead of focusing on diesel engine advantages (This analogy might be stolen)

Polyend tracker has horizontal pattern view and it’s ugly and unusable in my opinion

To arrange song with pattern editor and pattern matrix (vertically) is breathe compared to arranging it in other daws that has horizontal view (a matter of habbit though)


Bro invented Renoidium Tracker


This reminds of of this DAW/Tracker called MANHATTAN


Looks very cool, just installed it, but can’t get it to launch from steam (yet).

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I’ve search for the easiest possible solutions for horisontal/vertical layout and yes - here is another good idea of showing what is happening in some vertical view. Imagine the same but with pattern number and how might vertical matrix be shown as… currently this way but imagine possibility to see “rendered to wav’s” for each pattern or group in current matrix editor

I do not want FruityLoops users attraction but trying to find the easiest way for arranging and viewing / finding what might ease this kind of work :slight_smile:

Very, very interesting the Manhattan look has… But way too confusing to me. Any ideas are good ideas :slight_smile:

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Renoidium? A joke? :slight_smile:

Regarding vertical or horizontal waveforms next to note events in the pattern editor, would these update in realtime? For example; what if you use pattern effects and or trackdsp’s? I imagine this would be processor heavy.

If it would be the static waveforms, what problem would it be solving besides eye candy? Isn’t it the issue that it is relatively hard to see now how long a note-event produces sound? Perhaps this can be solved visually in other ways?

Protracker had the shiny eq bars ;-).


Radium is another tracker DAW which features vertical waveforms, like in your concept.
The guy in the picture is Death Grips’ MC Ride, associated with the word “noid”/“noided”

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I imagine that if you press “Wav” button, it should generate “render track to wav” and display that rendered .wav regurally. (Renoise could generate WAVs in background, asynchronously…)… It then can be easily arranged as you could see samples in timeline (vertical or horizontal).

Here is my another example, based on smaller tabs (pattern matrix, as it currently exist), except I’ve added “wav” “buttons” and idea how it can be displayed…

Thx. Nykk :slight_smile: