Thievery Remix


Thievery Corporation ( invited me to remix one of their tracks for a compilation album. It must be finished within one week. :yeah: My question is: what rights do I have as a remixer? Could i ask royalties for it? Could i demand that my name (’‘voidd-remix’’) comes on the cd-cover?


Much depends on the country you’re in… as musical copyright is not intended in the same way all over the planet… <_<
My experience is related to what happens in Italy so I can’t really grant you my infos are 100% accurate and functional in the portion of globe you live on… ;)

Only thing you’re able to crop as a remixer is the selling cd… NOT the rights over the song… since the author of the original song remains the same. This obviously means u’re paid once for each sold CD rather than gathering credits each time the piece is played on tv or on radio (as it happens, instead, to the authors)
As far as I understand… you’re not distributing the product by yourself or by any friendly distribuition company on your side… this means that they will also distribute it on their own and gain money over it.
This is the situation where they eventually offer a forfait amount of money for your work before the CD is released… so your share is not really based on real CD sales.

This is very reasonable… I think you will have no problems asking for this.
(usually, the main point with remixes is the author’s permission… because the author has the power to stop you from publishing your remix if they feel like your work gives a twisted, offending, unwanted turn to their work. In your case you one-leap-skip this problem because they asked you to do it… so you know for sure you have their permission) :lol:

If I’m not going wrong… what grants you rights over the song is a complete remake: a total renewing of the original piece in order to change it in a musical artifacts with a completely different “musical intention”.
But I don’t remember too well this part… mainly because I’m not used to remixes… :P

Edit: OH! :rolleyes: and of course… congratulations! :)

This is awesome man. The Thievery Corporation is a great group, even though I just found out about them, I’m loving it.

I think u can demand that. I don’t see why not.

Did you use just renoise for the remix?

Congrats man!