Things i have been thinking about, about Renoise, miscellaneous


It would be nice with some more metronome features, like

1: Adjust volume

2: Change sound (maybe even add your own)

3: The option to route the sound of the metronome around to a different track that is not affected by the master/ master effects, etc.

And a digital type delay that does not pitch shift when modulating the delay length

Audio input on the Ringmodulator so you can route your own modulation source to the Ringmodulator

The ability to use audio/ any sound to modulate other parameters with the pitch of the modulator

Formula Device External window to see full code

And all in all, just more modular devices so you can build more stuff

Stuff I mentioned before:

LFO with hertz frequency not affected by tempo or LPB. Maybe you can do something like that with Formula Device but not with all the features of the LFO.
And automaton on LFO custom change preset

I also like the old Ringmodulator with Hz but it kind of always breaks after a while of heavy modulation
Also the AM filters in Chorus and Flanger would be nice to be able to switch between notes and Hz

And also, when modulating a sample pitch with macro, it would be nice to be able to quantize that to a scale, maybe the scales you can already choose from in the sampler

And what about a Phrase editor within the Phrase editor:)

ADSR envelope LFO assignable to modulation

Automation on everything, also sampler buffer size

And if jBridge can make a bridge for running 32 bit vst in 64 bit Renoise, maybe Renoise could implement something like that in Renoise, just thinking (and jBridge is not compatible anymore)

Automation from right clicking on GUI?

Automation on MIDI, channel, start, end note

Midi effects, arpeggiator

More Macros

Maybe audio graphics from samples on tracks

Big External editor for tracks Effects

Routing Audio from anywhere and back again, Route to Send track and back again and anywhere else

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In case you didn’t know…

Renoise already has an internal bridge since version 2.8 at the latest, you don’t need to bridge anything.

You can already automate values from track devices by right clicking on the GUI sliders.

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so i can run my 32 bit vst synths and effects in Renoise 3.4.2?

On a mac?

Oh yeah, i see this: “run all plugins in sandboxes”, but then, how come i can’t see SupaTrigga and Bouncy?

Ah, they are broken, i think

What OS version are you running?

11.04, and i see now, they also don’t work in reaper

That is your answer. You need Mojave 10.14 or earlier if you want to run 32 bit applications

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What would happen if the Formula device had an audio input?

You can chain a signal follower (or multiple) into it already, if you wish :slight_smile:

The formula device just deals with numerical values, and the signal follower converts an audio signal into a numerical value, so, that would be the way to get “audio” into the formula device. The formula device does not operate at sample rate, but at tick rate, so isn’t really suitable for manipulation of audio, but is quite useful for sophisticated modulation

Yes, very sophisticated indeed, just have to learn LUA then:) tried many times, but not easy. But, i came across a comment online, that, these new AI chat bot coding machines can write any idea in LUA, i tried it, but i am not sure how to precisely do it. I can copy paste the code into the formula, but still need to figure out how to get it out on y=. Something about “ask to write a code to do X”.