Things You Should Probably Know Before Making Your Website

I am making my own website :D

and before that. I googled some stuff I should know before making one.
I’m a noob in site-making so this is some andy stuff.

I came across this site and I wanted to share this with you!…2008/06/nms.pdf

Thank you for sharing :)

Some good ideas here. Presently I suggest to everyone that they do their website with something like WordPress. Mine has just up’d a notch due to that step: here.

That’s funny… I figured wordpress out but it was to difficult for me.
(I only know how to work with paint on windows)
so I found this program:

drag and drop the paint way!

And I made my site in 4 days :D:smiley:
I’m uploading the site this week.

Your site looks really nice btw!

A few bits made me gag though… “Learn how to tell a story”… fuck that :lol:

Wow, this needs to become the resident Renoise rick roll. Awesome snippet.


hicks +1

I’d say using Wordpress is probably a really good idea. It gets syndicated quite often.

this one is even better, because it begins with the exact same scene without intro, but is a fully fledged documentary ^_^