Things You Wished You Had Learnt Earlier

As it says. I’m enjoying getting my head around it, failing to remember key combinations and actually making some noises on linux rather than trying to connect everything together through JACK.

But is there anything you discovered after a long time and thought; “that should be in the quickstart”?

Or just things that you completely missed and can’t see how you managed without?

Would be interesting to hear about people getting used to trackers too :D

Thanks a lot!

There’s a feature of the sample editor I didn’t notice right off, but now I use it a lot for making interesting chip sounds: I use the sample editor to create a new sample clip from scratch, and Renoise automatically picks the correct # of samples so that it matches your audio settings (i.e., it will sound “in tune”), then I use the draw tool to draw a waveform. With enough effects processing, that little chip can really come to life. B)

Try to figure out what you use the mouse most for - and then go find the keyboard shortcut for it :)

Ha sounds like a plan! This is definately something I look forward to sorting out as I get RSI even after spending time on my workspace ergonomics.

And the waveeditor thing sounds fun. Will try that when I’m on my DAW machine.

Quite an obvious thing maybe, but when I first started: Note Off - Caps Lock. It can be missed by beginers probably.

Something I only just found out (thanks to a thread on here!): to open two instances of Renoise on a Mac OS, create two copies of the application file. This enables you to copy/paste between projects :) I just thought it wasn’t possible!

good tip and something I still have to do. So rusted in my pro/fasttracker legacy workflow , while there is much room for optimization. Will print out the shortcut list when 2.8 goes final and pin it to the wall here.

figgered this one out the hard way as well when first checking out Renoise and you occasionally see a thread on how to get a note-off in the pattern. Tip should be embedded in a banner or something!

Yes I had to have a search on the forums to find it, after a quick scan of the manual…

Well one, of the things that maybe improved my workflow, is right mouse button-click automation writing.
For real time tweaking of sliders, I had knobs and sliders on my midi keyboard (but it can be done just by dragging the slider with right-mouse button pressed while recording)
But for controlling on/off state of device, without having to past the code manually, the right button mouse click is really great!

That it’s ok to be the way you feel like. No matter what others think about it.

Oh, you mean Renoise-wise?

Not really a big one: ZT00 (F000 before 2.8). Took me quite a while to figure out how to NOT loop a song endlessly.

On my PC, I have trouble with using note off with Caps Lock key – I seem to have to press it twice to generate the note off event. But I discovered another way to do this. Just use the “A” key to generate note off. Since it is not assigned to any of the virtual keyboard notes, it just generates the note off.

Guys, i cant remember what was the FX command for ZT00?


I have to say, trying to remember all the commands is going to take a while :)

There’s a new option in the Preferences > Keys tab to deal with this:

Double Caps Lock workaround: If your Caps Lock key is not behaving as normal (requiring two presses, or entering two Note Offs instead of one), then enable this option.

Changing the ‘space record/stop mode’ to FT2.
I discovered that option just recently, I work a lot faster now.
It’s easier to hit the space bar than going all the way up for the ‘esc’ key.

Selecting the master track in a pattern, and rendering to sample to bounce whatever is routed there INCLUDING DSPs into a new sample on disk. :)