Thinking about probability (Yxx)


I’d like to initiate a discussion about the probability parameter. It seems to me that this feature could be expanded to offer more variations instead of just a simple percentage ratio during playback. In essence, the probability setting could be adjusted in percentages as one option, ranging from Y00 to Y0F, for example.

The other values, for instance, could represent scenarios of quantity and timing of occurrences, similar to how it’s implemented in some other tools, such as from Y20 to Y2F or from Y30 to Y3F, etc.

The idea here is that this would significantly enhance the diversity within a pattern when using Renoise in a live performance and when exercising more precise control while working with phrases.

Thank you!

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Such as… what?

Can you explain exactly what you mean here in these cases?

Which other tools are you talking about?


Please try to give some more details about how you’d like the command to work, what you’d like to happen, with some clear examples of how the command might work, and why that would be useful, etc…

More details, please! :slight_smile:

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I apologize for my English; in such a specific discussion, precision is not always easy.

What I meant was to create subgroups within the command that would be numbered for more complex playback scenarios. For example, commands like “trig conditions” in Elektron instruments.


For example, a value within the range of 01 to 0A could represent the percentage likelihood of a note triggering at the moment of playback. From 11 to 20 could signify the number of triggers after each playback, and so on.

You can get more depth from the YXX command if you combine it with the phrases feature. Then you can easily do stuff where it’s silent for a bar and then it maybe triggers the next.

Another cool thing is to put Y00 in the FX column to only trigger one of the note columns, then you can put in the notes of a scale in the columns and the chance to trigger in the volume or panning column. With phrases you can also have different LBP and pattern length.

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Yeah I know about this, thank you! its discussion about rethinking a simple command =)

At present, this function is not very controllable and imposes limitations. The inherent flexibility of triggering probabilities in percentages appears excessive, so it could be revised and expanded to offer potential scenarios. The “trig condition” feature implemented by Elektron is very relevant in this regard when working with phrases, making them nearly infinitely modifiable within a single pattern.

The way I would do these “trigs” would be to make all the different conditions I want in different phrases that are keymapped. Then in the pattern editor I can just program in the different phrases and even put probability on the phrase itself.

You could even make quantized fills that you can play by mapping that to a key. This could then just be a template for anything, but I guess you are suggesting that it should be simpler than this method?

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do you have examples? maybe I missed something? Thank you

I threw together something with keymapped phrases and Yxx in different ways. There is a kick with a keymapped and quantized fill on octave 3. With that you can keymap and program things, or make phrases playable so you can perform them.

phrases_yxx.xrns (512.9 KB)

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Thank you, I’ve been using this for a long time. nevertheless, my proposal is about a more advanced control method

Yeah, that’s how I would do this as well. Although it wouldn’t hurt anything to have these conditional triggers as @Jalex suggests. There’s certainly more that could be done with Yxx. One thing I could think of would be to have some kind of behavior like this:

where the Yx in the vol columns weights the probability (as it currently functions), the first effect command column Y00 tells it to only trigger one (also as it currently functions0, and the subsequent Y80 determines that this would only happen 50% of the time, the other 50% of the time, no event would be triggered. I realize that we can achieve comparable behavior by nesting everything but the last yxx in a phrase, then using a keymap to trigger the phrase from the pattern editor using yxx, but this might be more efficient

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This is an elegant solution.

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Yo yo! Dblue will there be any feedback? :upside_down_face:
you just created an intrigue out of your interest. this made me a little nervous. =)
thank you!