Third Lane

Made this this morning from start to finish in a few hours with renoise, alsa modular synth, a breakbeat sample, and the 808 kit included with renoise. I’ve been trying to pay more attention to my mixing technique lately, so if you notice anything or have suggestions, reply

PEMDASI - Third Lane

this one is on repeat for some time now , i think it’s totally awesome!
perhaps it could use some more bass overall , but i guess that’s just taste things.
definitely enjoyable as is…

Hey, listened to the song. On the positive side, this had some interesting rhythms and you’re doing some nice stuff by placing things around in the aural spectrum. But…

it definitely needs something more. About a third to half-way through, I really started to get bored. I was waiting for another theme to develop. Bass would be cool, but just about anything would elevate the interest level. Personally, I’d like to hear some spoken word, or a few sung lines.

I think this is a great start, but it needs more development.

Enjoyed listening. Thanks for posting!


thanks for the input

Smueske: I agree that it needs something. I thought about some vocal samples, but I know that in the past I have overused them, and am kind of leery of them now. Something I will have to think about. Bass is something else that I’m trying to keep to minimal:normal levels because it’s something I know that I will go overboard on.

While I was watching the spectrum graph while someone else was listening to it, I noticed that there might be some room in the high end for something, may be interesting.