Third Party Tools For Song And Instrument Processing

If you decided to do something with the XML data and have written a script for it, post your links here…

The first one is an app autogenerating instruments when you drag/drop samples or folders containing samples, upon it.
Loops in wave-files are automatically incorporated.
Great for batch xrni creating.

The source is added because it doesn’t support unicode filenames (filenames with exotic chars)
Also the tool was written when FLAC/MP3/OGG/AAC files weren’t not supported yet (inside XRNI and XRNS files) so it only supports wavs.

In case you didn’t found out yet, you can ofcourse do multi-sample loading…

yo thanks!

That’s a nice program, thanks!
Great for drumkits.

It would be nice if it was more evolved. Like, so that you can drop files one by one and also remove them.

I couldn’t make it work that well in TC, tho.
It does work if I drop the program icon on the Button bar, but it only processes one file. That’s a known limitation of TC right now. There seem to be some solutions via additional tools, but they don’t seem very elegant. Or it’s for the fact that I don’t understand very well how those work.

Anyone has some ideas? Beatslaughter?

Also, isn’t there a shortcut in TC to open the curent window in explorer? I think I did that by mistake a few times…

I tried that list2str tool, it was written for other purposes. One way is, to put the RiGen icon in the quickstart bar or on your desktop, then drag the files from tc on the icon. Maybe Vincent can add a little dropfield like OggDropXPd, one could open it then through the buttonbar and drag the files on it.

I don’t use Total Commander so i don’t know if it’s treatment is correct or not, the only thing i can say is RiGen relies to explorer API handling and it solely picks up the parameters as commandline arguments.
I have to add something else to make the application respond to in-line drag-drop actions but i don’t have that much time to sort such things out.

Just for reference, i’ve released a little tool, which scans a song for the used VST plugs.