"vst/vsti Listing App/tool"

as i’m currenty doing a HUGE clean-up in my plugin-deparment on my machine,
i soon realized what a time-consuming this job is…

since i started with renoise v1.11 i’m sure you all can imagine how many renoise songs that have stacked up over the years on my harddrive. and how many plug-ins i have installed and tested… (TOO MANY).

so i now went through EVERY SINGLE file and replaced bad plugs with plugs i’ve decided to stick with for future purposes, so i could simply delete all those bad plugs for good.

for such tasks it would be awesome to have a xml-tool/app that you could tell to search your harddrive and come up with a list of all songs that for example uses “mda dynamics vst”, so you wouldn’t have to check every channel in every song, but instead load those files and get it over with.

is this something that’s possible to make? i don’t have a clue how to, that’s why i ask :dribble:

I would consider developing something like this.

The first thing you would have to do is convert all your old tracks to the new 1.8 xrns format.

Does such a tool exist? Are the file specs for the original .rns format documented somewhere?

Sonus, no need anymore. :D


All .rns files will require to be saved as xrns.
Some noisetrekker files even require to be saved in Renoise 1.28 before you can import them in 1.5 or higher.
(btw, the nostalgical 1.1 demo is also on the download page, just in case there is a very tough NT file that 1.281 won’t handle :) )

WOW. that was quick =)
what can i say… thanks a lot!!

i’ll test the app tonight. but first i should re-save all my rns to xrns.
that’s a good thing to do anyway, since that magic FLAC will save me a lot of disk space.

ok thanks again! what would we do without you crazy programmers… :)