This Evil Effect!

Hello to all (first post wow! B) )

I´ve been wandering how to get voice samples sound like the evil from hell :panic:

Let me explain, these kind of voices generally fit for a intro in a tech-house session for example, it´s very lowpitched… kind some distorted… totally unhuman.

What i am looking for is or a vst effect, or a concrete effect in a sound editor that applied to a speech sample, so I can be sound evil!

Whole thanks ;)

  • Klez

pitch-shifting, timestretching, distortion and delays come to mind here.
however it would be advantageous if you could link us to some kind of audio-example to make it 100% clear what you’re looking for.

I hope these two samples clarify the question,
(MP3) - Sample 1
(MP3) - Sample 2

Thanks for so fast response :D

  • Klez

Pitch-down and time-compression i recon. And some reverb.

i see…
well i guess the voice is not heavily post-processed with some digital effects, because it seems that the guy on the mic does already have a pretty deep and masculine voice by nature.
if you talk like a chipmunk you won’t be able to get such results.
a good microphone + soundcard’s input is also need to obtain such recordings.
the voice does merely seem to be EQed (low-frq gain) and down-pitched a bit, but nothing serious i assume.
but hey, i’m not really a professional… so i might (will) be wrong :)

let´s see what can i get with adobe audition and those wise advices.

Thx again

  • Klez

Some gabber uses ring mod to get demonic voices going, and that might be the distortion you’re referring to (makes the voice sound bubbly). Renoise tends to apply a bit too much when it’s an envelope effect, but it’s worth a try.

the ring mod effect can be achieved by using vibrato on the sample. Try it, it is very effective! I’ve used it some years ago on Fast Tracker 1.

Anyway, I agree with Keith303: there is nothing but a pitch shifter, some close reverb and maybe a little distortion in that voices.

I used Ring-Modulation, too but now I am looking for an effect to get a more robotic voice for an intro (I created some video-soundtracks for and therefore I need the opportunity to create some very dark and evil robot-voices.

I tried orange vocoder and some ringmods but it doesn’t sound as evil as it should…

The best would be, if I could create a voice like the evil voice in “Tron” or even the bad guy in “Thriller”…

Any ideas how I can get as close as possible?

sorry, I meant “arpeggio”, not “vibrato”.

Try for example to put a 0012 oover a voice sample