This Guy Thinks He Is Neo... For Real

Although the inifinite universe theory is widely accepted, that should mean I or you is Neo in infinite number of universes too. However, that would however, make the chances very slim he actually is Neo in the current universe since there are infinite universes where he is not Neo. This is without taking the “soulbonding” part into consideration. :rolleyes:

:blink: thats too complex for me to understand on sundays… :)

Well as far as i understand the simple metafore highlighted by the whole movie it’s just nothing more but stand for your own life and choices and break free from those that determine those for you.

The Matrix is actually nothing more but a Western explaining the life of an outlaw, but then put in a futuristic coat.

It always remains the same story and the same basic idea. Just the special Fx are lots cooler nowadays.

Well, according to Arms’ theory - seriously advocated by famous philosopher and madman David K. Lewis - there exists (yes, they ARE out there) an infinite number of universes where special effects were much cooler 3000 years ago and where one story is always different from the other and where there’s not two ideas that are alike. An infinite number. ALL you can imagine.

Yes but your idea presuppose the idea of an infinite NUMBER/INSTANCES of universes (sometimes called multiverse). Would be quite scary if this idea was widely accepted.

I’ll just stick to the Mandelbroth theory where every complex material can be relayed to one single building block.

We can have multiple universes and yet if we look our own material under a microscope we see the same similar universe again but we then call planets atoms and moons are called electrons.
Pretty redundant for something that is actually the same basic element.
Sometimes i seem to have a legitimate reason to call scientists morons.

I don’t know about this stuff but judging from my friends simulation Mandelbrot it seems pretty bizarre too

That was really disturbing… I almost feel sick.

Either this guy is mentally ill or he’s read one too many books on metaphysics and somehow found a way to justify him believing he’s Neo. Either way he’s a freak.

I suppose it could also be a joke but considering the time he has spent on the site it would make him a freak anyway.

Hmm, I wonder if Michael Jorgensen’s article at is a reliable source of information according to “mainstream science” and philosophy?


Have you read the FAQ section on that guy’s site? He’s got way too much spare time…

Ohohoh… it’s obviously a fake… it’s evident.
Everyone here knows that -I- am NEO… and I haven’t created no website about the matrix… what the hell… I mean… c’mon… I had ENOUGH of technology… I retired HERE in your world because I just wanted to have the chance to practice with ORIGAMI… why would I ever create a site to speak about the matrix once again and confuse minds even more??


Don’t you guys get it? TRACKER IS THE MATRIX!!! Look at those little ASCII symbols scrolling down, down, down…

AARRRGGHHH!!! :huh: :huh: :o :o :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

This is just what i’m think out 2 !

Now it’s clear WHAT EXACTLY was Neo doing before his nose knocked the keyboard and he dozed off! The chosen bustud was trackin’ like a madman whole night! And then…

knock knock…

NEO: - Oh, hi guys.
GUYS: - So, is that Massive Attack hardcore mushroom mix finally ready?
NEO: - Erm, well, it’s kinda tricky… Actually it still needs some polishing…
GUYS: - But tonight is the annual “Chiptune Is Lesbian” opening! What are we gonna rave our freakin heads to?
NEO: - Ok, look. I’ll polish the thing till tomorrow, and meanwhile here, take this. It’s from the unreleased tapes, the ultimate “Phil Collins vs Celentano Chiptune Gunshot mix”. You’re gonna like it!
GUYS: - Thanks Neo. You’re the best, as ever. By the way, feel free to come with us.
NEO: - No, I think I’ll skip this one, guys. Incidentally have some inspiration, maybe cook up a track or two…
BLONDIE: - That cute goth chick with glasses is coming too.
NEO: - Ah, what tha heck. Let’s rumble.

:drummer: :drummer:

Great idea! So when does the “Chiptune is Lesbian” competition start? :D

ROFL :lol: :lol:

NEO: - (watching a kid bend a spoon) How in the world does he do that?!!
PYTHIA: - Envelopes, man. You always do that with your hands, right? Well, this little bugger has just learnt automation.
NEO: - Ohhh… Awwww… Umph… (trying to unbend the spoon with his hands)
PYTHIA: - Oh, man…
KID: - Free your mind, Neo.


MORPHEUS: playing a wicked mashup
NEO: falls on the ground speechless that kicks asses, man!
MORPHEUS: How comes I can kick your ass on this?
NEO: hmm… you’re a faster musician…
MORPHEUS: …do you think that my speed depends on my playing ability… here in Renoise?
NEO: …well…
MORPHEUS: Do you think it’s real-time intstrument playing… that you’re listening?
NEO: Stops breathing