This Is England Ost (Dubstep Remix)

Hi, another track in 140BPM - done in Renoise + energyXT, starting on Ubuntu and finished on Windows…

Track didnt get proper mixing (I just put limiter + loudness), but any other comments will be appreciated!

I was enjoying it up to around the 1:37 mark, thinking: “well not too extreme for dubstep” and then this horrible wobbly bass was coming in again, I don’t know how you guys can stand this sound, but there is a market for it as it seems :P
Dubstep is also slowly getting a grasp on radio stations here in the Netherlands as i notice lately. Yet they are rather late with this…

Hi vV,

thank you for your feedback :) - I enjoyed it reading still wet after shower :)

About the wobble part - well, there are two things - first - it needs more levels mixes, so now it can maybe sounds too harsh, and second,
they are usually targeted to dancefloor, I am not sure if anyone can listen dirty horrible wobbly basslines day by day and really like it without braing damage :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In subject of Netherlands, I spent 5 days in April trawelling between Amsterdam and Rotterdam - nice cities!

Aha, so they are build to cause wet pussy on the dancefloor. It depends on by which means they get wet ofcourse :P

May I ask you for possibility quoting this sentence, especially with new releases, even maybe one day commercial ones? :) :drummer:

If it gets your daily pussy quota up, be my guest.

I was more thinking about making ($$$) money money money :w00t:

It is really good copy in ‘cheezy’ stylistic ;)

Great tune :) But this wooble is also not for me ;)

Yeah, say goodbye to the wobble, maybe throw in a bit more offbeat drums, then it’d be awesome. But it would be IDM then, I guess… :unsure:

Hi Simonus, thanks for your time :)