This is illegal you know, the first track from my upcoming album

Combining keygen-ish chiptune, electro, progressive house and complextro elements among other stuff, this track is meant to be the grand opener to a W.I.P. album of mine. Made entirely in Renoise 3.3.2.


Not bad but sounded a bit empty on some parts also 10 minutes is very long for my taste. Anyway do post your other tracks when ready there is talent in you

At which moments did you think it sounded empty exactly?

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There are a lot pf spots that feel a bit empty to me i guess because there are only a few instruments playing and because of the drums that are a bit naked and missing that punch and some bass frequencies.I felt like this kind of a track should have more low end and punchier drums, but thats my preference .Its a good track overall

Thanks for the feedback! What tips would you give me to improve the drum’s punch? I’ve been trying to improve that aspect of the track to then reupload it with better bass, percussion and overall mixing/sound quality, but I’m struggling with the kick a bit. I’ve tried making the kick longer but that just fucks up everythig else. I’ve tried adding a sub kick but the difference is either trivial or screws the rest of the mix. I’ve tried EQing the kick differently, but when it doesn’t clip, it doesn’t change significantly. I’m just kinda stuck with that here.

(Also, sorry abt the late reply.)

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Why do you want to boost the kick? It already is too loud. Instead I would try to boost everything else, especially the bass. To boost the bass you can for example send the signal to another track (keep the signal) and use a BP filter at around 200 Hz. To avoid “mismatches” sidechain the bass and maybe also boost the kick at 1000 Hz. But before you do that make sure that everything has the right volume. Use a VU meter on your kick and adjust it to 0 VU, afterwards you can adjust everything else as described. If you’re not happy with your mixing I would suggest mixing in mono after you’ve adjusted your kick to 0 VU. Of course using a limiter in you master channel is required, too. And if nothings helps the way you want it simply replace the kick by another one. :wink:

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Thanks for the input, but I’ve already found the problem with the kick! It wasn’t the EQ or the volume level, it was, and as you said, the kick sample in and of itself.

I didn’t ever really want to boost it, I’m aware that it is at a solid volume, I just found it to be lacking some ‘‘oomph’’ and couldn’t identify why, you know. It was basically just a transient, it was too short. I decided to make it slightly longer, so that the body had it’s time to shine, while not completely obliterating the rest of the mix.

The bass also seems to have just a bit more presence in the mix now, not only have I opened a few frequencies that were lacking but also added a sub bass track that plays below 100-80 hz.

I’ll be linking the results, you can tell me if you think it’s ok:

There’s no access to your file. If you put it on Soundcloud and link it right here I can tell what I think. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fixed the problem, you should be able to access the link now! :smiley:

Ok, that’s what I think: You improved the overall mix, it has a better sound balance and you boosted the bass. You could boost it a little more if you ask me. The kick is still too loud. You can reduce its volume or push the signal before the threshold in your master channel. I would reduce its volume and adjust the signal afterwards. And I would cut the higher frequencies of your chip sound instruments. When they go up there’s some potential for earaching, especially through headphones. :wink: