This Is Marc Shake

I made some trance again and this time I worked with a lot of self-made VST-Settings. I hope you like this tune.

This is Marc Shake (Filetype: mp3)

I like how this is a slightly slower groove than most trance. The beats have a more human feel (due probably to the snare sound) to them rather than totally mechanical pulsating.

Points for the vocoder! And the breakdown too.

Some arrangement ideas - instead of just variating two themes, maybe you can get a touch more length out of the song with a different ‘bridging’ section used occasionally. Alternate sections as frequently as possible (something I don’t do enough).

Mix: need to get in there and hunt out a little more bass frequencies out of all instruments. Mastering with harmonic boosting would help too.

Compared to your older tracks this song is really an improvement. Your leads sound fatter, the percussion lines are more interesting and the song doesn’t sound that dry anymore. I especially like the background stuff in the beginning. A bit strange sounded the kick to me, like there is some kind of stereo spreading on it, i’d keep it centered.

I also agree with Foo, that the mixing could need some adjustments and that some extra arrangements would be nice.

Overall a good track though!