This Is So Mean! But They Liked It :p

This is meaner…r_gets_smacked/

wtf is a “happy slap”?

haha, they got what they deserved :)

A happy slapper is someone who beats people at random for the fun of it.

Seemed like an accident, two guys having an innocent conversation, one happens to raise his arm when this girl walks by and WHAM her boyfriend or brother or pimp or coach or father, maybe even uncle or perhaps preacher’s sons best friends cousins neighbours teachers younger apprentice goes nutcase.

Poor fellas.

That was excellent. Both kissing chimp and happy slap.

I don’t know. I use my hands quite a bit when I talk, but I don’t violently swing to the side to the point someone would ever mistaken me as trying to slap/hit.

Man that guy is REALLY quick and he threw down some solid punches in a very short time. Those guys stood no chance whatsoever.

I don’t think off the camera those two guys had a chance. Just no way…

I tought dude to throw down like that ;) :P

i dont know… didnt seem like an accident to me.

No this was no accident. Everybody looks where he or she is pointing and usually before the start pointing or swinging. If you look closely you will see the guy looks first before slapping and you will also notice the boyfriend sees all that.

note to self: dont hit the girlfriend of a really big looking guy wearing track clothes while he’s walking next to her